InfoCLEAR Consulting


Presenting information with impact

Our primary goal is to help you present information that is easy to find your way around, that gets its message across and influences behaviour.

We don't sell gimmicks or short cuts. We're not into Power Persuasion, Creative Coercion or How to Manipulate your Market.

Our approach is driven by the users or potential users of your product or service. It begins by coming to understand the needs of your employees and clients. Then we can frame a strategy to help achieve your business need.

Pursuing an optimal solution

Art may be open. Design is always constrained.

User needs are central. But other considerations may provide legitimate constraints, including:

  • stakeholder requirements,
  • how the document relates to other documents,
  • how the document will be published, distributed, and maintained.

The right design solution will be one that achieves your business intent and meets your timeframe, your budget and your quality criteria.



Integrating text and layout

Getting the words right is not enough. It's the whole package that gives the impact.

Effective design includes layout, typography and illustration. All content is shaped to some degree by its form—in many cases the medium is the message.

Our approach is to pursue the most effective integration of text and design which allows people to:

  • find quickly what they want to know,
  • read to the level of detail that is relevant for their purpose, and
  • make sense of what they find.

Developing and testing prototypes

Our approach to design is open and collaborative.

We develop design solutions one step at a time, making sure that we stay true to the agreed intent.

That's why we're committed to rapid prototyping. To keep costs down, the earliest design conceptions might be hand-drawn—sufficient to let you see the kind of solution we are proposing. The design builds as prototypes become more detailed. At key points we test the emerging solution with users. This builds confidence in the design and helps reduces the risk of rework.

Accessing the right expertise

For some projects we will work with your designer or recommend a design studio with the right blend of expertise and experience for the task.